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Karl Fischer Reagents

Karl Fischer Reagents

Karl Fischer Reagents Dehydrated Solvent HAYASHITM

Catalog No. Products Applications Main components Packing Price (JP YEN)
99034857 HAYASHITM-Solvent ML General-use Methanol 500 ml 3,000
99034851 HAYASHITM-Solvent MI General-use Methanol
500ml 3,000
99034858 HAYASHITM-Solvent MS General-use Methanol
Salicylic acid
500ml 3,500
99034852 HAYASHITM-Solvent CM Oil-type Methanol
500ml 4,000
99034853 HAYASHITM-Solvent FM Sugar-type Methanol
500ml 6,500
99034859 HAYASHITM-Solvent FM-II Sugar-type Methanol
500ml 6,500
99034855 HAYASHITM-Solvent ME For gaseous samples Methanol
Etylene glycol
500ml 3,500

Karl Fischer Reagents Water Standard Solution HAYASHITM

Catalog No. Products Packing Price (JP YEN)
99034856 HAYASHITM-Standard Water-Methanol Solution
(Moisture content 2mg H2O/ml)
250 ml 3,500
99034850 HAYASHITM-CHECK Solution(3.8-4.2 mg H2O/ml)
For coulometric titration
100ml 3,000

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