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Texturing Etchant

Single Crystalline Silicon Texturing EtchantPure Etch T80 series

New product, Pure Etch T80 series is composed of two additives  ( Pure Etch TT72C13 and Pure Etch TK81 ) and used by adding into alkali.

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Features of the product

  • Capable of forming desirable texture size (Capable Size : 2 – 10μm)
  • No Si Aging necessary and Long Si Life  (Si Concentration : 0 – 4%)
  • Texturing is capable on various kinds of substances.
    Applicable Substrates:Substrates sliced with fixed abrasive and loose abrasive
    SDE treated substrates, p-type and n-type silicon substrate
  • Improving conversion efficiency by reducing reflectance of substrate surface after process
  • TK81 has low viscosity and easy to prepare and supply in the process
     (1/7 of existing product TK80)
  • Ecological and gives simple process control


Recommended Process Conditions

Target Texture Size < 2μm 2 – 4μm 4 – 6μm 8 – 10μm
65 – 75゚C 65 – 75゚C 75 – 90゚C 80 – 90゚C
10 – 20min
Dip Static, Stir, N2 Bubbling
Si Aging None
Substrates sliced with fixed abrasive and loose abrasive,
SDE treated substrates, p-type and n-type silicon substrate
Surface Observation by SEM
( x2000, Tilt15゚)
Target Texture Size <2μm Target Texture Size 2~4μm Target Texture Size 4~6μm Target Texture Size 8~10μm
(Average of 400 – 800nm)
11.1% 11.2% 11.4% 11.4%



Si Life

 Stable texturing is possible in wide range Si concentration

Bath for Etching, Replenishing, Texture Etching


[How to Supply]
Pure Etch TT72C13 : Every certain process time
Pure Etch TK81       : Every certain process time

Alkali : Every batch




Target Texture Size 8 – 10μm
Dissolved Si Concentration 0% 2% 4%
Surface Observation by SEM
( x2000, Tilt15゚)
Dissolved Si 0% Dissolved Si 2% Dissolved Si 4%
8μm 9μm 9μm
(400 – 800nm)
11.4% 11.2% 11.1%
Surface Uniformity Good Good Good


Applied Regulations(Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law,Fire Defense Law,PRTR,Industrial Safety and Health Law

 Low viscosity compared with existing product and simple to control

Items Pure Etch TT72C13 Pure Etch TK81 Pure Etch TK80
(Existing Product)
Physical Properties Viscosity (mPa・S/25℃) 4 75 550
Specific Gravity (20℃) 1 1 1
pH(25℃) 4 7 7
Regulation in Japan Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law Not Applied Not Applied Not Applied
Dangerous Substances Not Applied Not Applied Not Applied
PRTR Not Applied Not Applied Not Applied

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