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Reagents and Chemicals

We supply reagents and standards for experimental research, produce and supply chemicals, trust synthetic service, and trust compounding reagent service. We will widely meet the needs of our clients for chemistry, medicine, food and environmental analysis.

  • Standard for Analysis

    For analysis of pesticide residue in food, environmental contaminants, and effective component in organism samples, we have various products that are all indispensable for these purposes.

    • Standards (Pesticide, Veterinary drug, Environmental residue)

      We supply a variety of high purity products which can deal with the latest measuring equipment that other companies have not yet developed.

    • Pesticide standards mix solutions (for food analysis) for GC-MS analysis

      There are multicomponent pesticide mixture standard solutions which are used to analyze all the pesticide residues in one process. There are seven kinds of GC-MS, and ten kinds of LC-MS products.

      For GC-MS

      For LC-MS

    • Veterinary standards mix solutions (for food analysis)

      There are multicomponent standard solutions which are used to analyze all the residual medicine in animal in one process. There are two types of standards for sulfaminum+folic acid antagonist and quinolone.

    • Pesticide & Veterinary Surrogate standards Mix (for food analysis)

      In order to have a high reliable analysis level on the pesticide residue analysis, we supply mixed solutions of surrogate substances. We have two series and six kinds of standards for pesticide and animal.

  • Karl Fischer Reagents

    We have various kinds of dehydrated solvents that can be used for Karl Fischer water analysis.

  • Reagents (for general use and for special application)

    We supply widely lined-up products for general purposes of basic research, and for most advanced purposes of organic EL, life science, and synthesis of organic compounds.

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