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Jul 05, 2018Product information

Introducing for evaluation sample of 『Water Soluble Negative Photo Resist』

Product Announced once fixed
Grade Number Announced once fixed
Sample Supply Starting on July 2018 (Delivery to foreign market will be starting in advance.)
Manufacturing site of Sample Municipal University Corporation, Toyama Prefectural University or (and)

HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL IND., LTD. (President : Mr. Kiyoyuki Wada) will be starting sales of Water Soluble Negative Photo Resist for application of electric and electronic devices to foreign market in advance on coming July 2018.  This Photo Resist is manufactured by using ecological materials such as natural botanical materials.  Furthermore, water can be used as developer, and present developer butyl acetate (C6H12O2) can be eliminated from the process.  It is exactly emphasizing our environment.

Sample of this Photo Resist comes to be in market and sold by technical support and supervising by Professor Mr. Satoshi Takei of Municipal University Corporation, Toyama Prefectural University, Department of Technology, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering. Sample will be delivered to foreign market at first and after certain period, system to deliver sample in domestic market will be built.

【Contact Information for Press】

Mr. Tago, Research & Development Head Office
Phone: +81 6 6910 7336
FAX: +81 6 6910 7330
Email: t-tago@hpc-j.co.jp 


This information was also introduced in JETI (Japan Energy & Technology Intelligence) which is a monthly general magazine publishing the topics of chemical, energy, and plant, issued in May 2018 by Nippon Syuppan Seisaku Center inc., which is a member of THE JAPAN FOOD JOURNAL Co.,Ltd. group.  We are happy if you can read it.


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