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Sep 02, 2016Product information

『Etchant for Single Crystalline Silicon Texture』 was newly developed for Solar Cell

Product Pure Etch T80 Series
(For Single Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell)
Grade Number Pure Etch TK81
Sample Supply Start in August, 2016 (Advance Sale for Foreign Market)
Production Plant Mie Plant

HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL IND.,LTD (President: Mr. Masakatsu Irie, hereafter, HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL) has succeeded to develop Pure Etch T80 series as etchant for single crystalline silicon texturing and start advance sale for foreign market in August,2016.

HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL has been manufacturing and selling existing product Pure Etch TK80 and having favorable reviews from many customers. And now, starting sales of new product Pure Etch TK81 which has more superior properties.

This product has low viscosity as a feature.(comparing with our existing product) The viscosity is approx. 1/7 of our existing product and it gives significant improvement in controlling and running of the equipment using texturing chemical process.  Furthermore, texturing is possible with same recipe and performance as existing product.

Therefore, not only for small scale experiment and prototyping, but also for prompt introduction in mass production line is possible even though Pure Etch TK81 is a quite new product. For more details, please kindly refer our product information in our website.


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