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Aug 28, 2012Product information

『Etchant for Ag Nanowire』 was newly developed for ITO Substitute Transparent Conductive Film

Product Pure Etch GNW Series
Grade Number Pure Etch GNW300,  Pure Etch GNW400
Sample Supply Start in August,2012
Mass Production Planning at Mie Plant

HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL IND.,LTD. (President: Mr.Masakatsu Irie, hereinafter,HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL) has developed high performance etchant to etch Ag Nanowire (hereinafter, AgNW) which is ITO Substitute Transparent Conductive Film. (ITO:Abbreviation of Indium Tin Oxide).  HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL has started sample supply in August.

AgNW is highly transparent and conductive, furthermore it has better flexibility than ITO.As well known, indium which is material substance of ITO is rare metal and it gives uneasiness in stable supply in the near future. Furthermore, deposition of ITO film has some problems caused by high temperature spattering process as high cost and difficulty in handling flexible substrate which is unstable in high temperature.
In these back ground, AgNW which is transparent and conductive film is focused as promising film and substitute for ITO, and in active development in touch panel industry.

On the other hand, AgNW pattern is more easily visible than ITO, therefore technique to make the pattern less visible is required. Accordingly, HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL has developed New Etchant with its own technique. In patterning process by etching, this New Etchant makes etched area insulated, AgNW in the area does not dissolve in the etchant completely and some AgNW partially remains (hereunder called Partial Etching), then it enables pattern less visible.

As conclusion, Pure Etch GNW series can make partial etching realized with easier process and without special technique for the purpose of less visible pattern. Pure Etch GNW series will be exhibited in SEMICON Taiwan 2012 held in Taiwan from September 5th to 7th, 2012.

◆ Features

  1. Capable of Partial Etching and Full Etching of AgNW without Special Technique
  2. Both of Two Systems as Alkaline Etchant and Acid Etchant (Non Aqua Regia) Available
  3. Formulating Aqua Regia System also Available
  4. Process at Low Temperature in Short Time Possible

◆ Application Example

<Evaluated Sample> AgNW Film
<Treatment Conditions> 25℃ Dip Static
<Result Observation> by Laser Microscope


<Schematic Diagram> Treatment Flow


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