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Jun 08, 2011Product information

『Etchant for Roughening AlGaAs, GaAs』 and 『Etchant for Roughening GaP』 were newly developed for High Brightness LED.

Product Pure Etch F Series (For Light Emitting Diode)
Grade Number Etchant for AlGaAs,GaAs = Pure Etch F300
Etchant for GaP = Pure Etch F200
Sample Supply Start in June,2011
Sample Price 3,000 Yen~ per kg
Production Plan Start up in August,2011
Capacity 40ton per month is expected in 2012.
(Main Plant:Saga, Back Up Plant:Mie and Tottori)
Expected Sales 20 Million Yen per month in 2012

HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL IND.,LTD. (President: Mr.Masakatsu Irie, hereinafter, HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL) has succeeded to develop high performance etchant to make roughness on surface of semiconductor film and substrate of AlGaAs,GaAs as well as GaP of Light Emitting Diode (hereinafter, LED) process. HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL is starting sample supply in June and mass production in August, 2011.

High luminous efficiency ※2 is required in recent years. HAYASHI PURE CHEMICA has developed new etchant by its own knowledge and technology. The new etchant can make roughness on light output surface of semiconductor film and substrate to improve output of out going light toward the surface by changing reflection angle of the light. With this new etchant, making roughness on surface of desirable semiconductor and substrate is possible without complicated extra process.

For societies and companies, HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL presents high performance chemical for high luminous efficiency of LED, power saving of equipments, and for environment protection.

Sales activity in Japanese market is made by HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL as in the past. For overseas market, sales activity is going to start in Taiwan market first cooperating with SUMITRONICS TAIWAN CO.,LTD. (Hsinchu,Taiwan URL= http://www.sumitronics.com.tw)which is an affiliated company of Sumitomo Corporation in Taiwan.

※1 Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Solid state semiconductor which can transform electricity into light.
Desirable light color is emitted without color filter. With the merit of light emission by low voltage, it is equipped as light source of display in many products and appliances.

※2 Luminous Efficiency
Index of lighting made by certain amount of energy. It is also called lamp efficiency.
Unit : lm/W(lumen per watt)

◆ Features

Features of newly developed high performance etchant for roughening are as follows.

  1. Capable of roughening semiconductor film without complicated extra process
  2. Capable of improving light extraction efficiency by forming desirable asperity
  3. Excellent etching and roughness uniformity
  4. Capable of processing under room and low temperature in short time
  5. Applicable to diluting according to element ratio of the film composition (Pure Etch F300 Series)

◆ Properties

  • Pure Etch F300 (Etchant for roughening AlGaAs, GaAs)
    ■ Specific Gravity (20℃) : 1.03
    ■ pH (25℃) : 1.5
    ■ Viscosity(25℃) : 0.9 mPa・s
    ■ Flash Point : None
  • Pure Etch F200 (Etchant for roughening GaP)
    ■ Specific Gravity(20℃) : 1.09
    ■ pH (25℃) : ≦ 1
    ■ Flash Point : 66℃

◆ Application 1

<Evaluated Substrate> AlGaAs film, GaAs substrate
<Evaluated Etchant>  Pure Etch F300
<Etching Conditions>  25℃ 5min Dip Static

Application 1

◆ Application 2

<Evaluated Substrate> GaP film, GaP substrate
<Evaluated Etchant>  Pure Etch F200
<Etching Conditions>  25℃ 10min Dip Static

Application 2

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