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Sep 12, 2012Company information

Appreciation for the visit to the「SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Exhibition」

We sincerely appreciate for your visit to our exhibition at SUMITRONICS booth during 「SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Exhibition」.
We could successfully complete the exhibition with your kind support.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about our exhibits.
We will make continuous effort to live up to your expectations as a manufacturer of electronics chemicals and reagent.

◆ exhibited items and our products at the SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Exhibition

《Exhibited Items》

  1. Etchant for Ag Nanowire (Transparent Conductive Film, ITO Substitute) 『Pure Etch GNW Series』
  2. GaN Film(N-face) Etchant for Surface Roughness(for Blue Color LED) 『Pure Etch F1000 Series』
  3. Etchant for Making Roughness on AlGaInP Film 『Pure Etch F100 Series』
  4. Etchant for Making Roughness on GaP Film・GaP Substrate 『Pure Etch F200 Series』
  5. Etchant for Making Roughness on AlGaAs Film・GaAs Film・GaAs Substrate 『Pure Etch F300 Series』
  6. Si Anisotropic Etchant 『Pure Etch 160』
  7. Al Taper Etchant (Taper Angle Controllable) 『Pure Etch NS Series』
  8. Si Single Crystalline Texture Etchant for Solar Cell 『Pure Etch T Series』
  9. Insulating Film Etchant (Al Damageless) 『Pure Etch ZE Series』

《Our Products》

In addition to above exhibit items, we can also provide following products.

  1. Etchant for Metal Film :
    Ag APC Al Au Mo Cr Cu Cu Alloy p-ITO a-ITO MoNb Ni Ta Ti W Si (for Isotropic Etching)
  2. Etchant for Metal Stacked Film:Mo/Al/Mo MoNb/Al/MoNb MoNb/AlNd/MoNb etc.
  3. Resist Remover for FPD of Cu, Al Film (Organic Solvent System, Water System)
  4. Remover for Color Filter Rework
  5. High Purity Chemicals:Acid Alkaline Solvent

◆ Contact Information

Electronics materials & Equipment Business Dept.2
Mr. Danny Liao E-mail danny.liao@mail.sumitronics.com.tw
Ms. Matilda Lee E-mail matilda.lee@mail.sumitronics.com.tw
TEL +886-3-571-1499 (Extension 614/619) FAX +886-3-571-2499 / +886-3-571-3499

・Research & Development Head Office
Research & Development Center
Mr. Tago E-mail t-tago@hpc-j.co.jp
・Electronic Material Sales Head Office
Overseas Sales Department
Mr. Yamamoto E-mail h-yamamoto@hpc-j.co.jp
TEL +81-6-6910-7336 FAX +81-6-6910-7330

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