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Dec 01, 2011Company information

Completion ceremony of new factory for reagents in Tottori Plant

HAYASHI PURE CHEMICAL IND., LTD. (President: Masakatsu Irie) has recently completed building a new factory for reagents, in Tottori Plant and celebrated with a completion ceremony on December 1, 2011. The ceremony was attended by persons including Vice Governor Fujii of Tottori Prefecture, Director Sugimoto of Economic and Tourism of Tottori, and everyone responsible for locating businesses. Attendees from the Company included President Masakatsu Irie, Senior Managing Director Yoshihisa Kawajiri, and Tottori Plant Manager Masatoshi Uegaki.

The compounded reagents to be produced at the new factory will be prepared by mixing chemicals to meet our customers’ needs. They can reduce the time and effort needed to prepare chemicals and help prevent customers from purchasing excess reagents.

Recently, companies have increasingly been outsourcing the work of preparing reagents, and our sales volume has been increasing year by year. We expect this trend to continue. Hence, we will move some production functions of the Joto Plant to the Tottori Plant to hedge the risks related to natural disasters and production capacity. Our aim is to stably supply products.

We will continue working to ensure we can provide stable and high-quality products applied to our customers’ needs.

Outline of new factory for reagents in Tottori Plant

Location:1284-51 Shimosakamoto, Ketaka-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
Tottori Plant Manager:Masatoshi Uegaki
Total investment:135 million yen
Site area:375 m2
Construction period:September 2011 to November 2011
Start of production:January 2012
Production capacity:Reagent preparation, maximum of 33 tons per month

Tottori Plant

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