Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind.,Ltd.

Company philosophy and policy

Company philosophy

Company identity

  • Since we are the base company of this industry, considering the environment, we keep offering new technology to our clients and supply convenience and safety for mutual growth with society.

Attitude of management

  • To be flexible at all times to the changing management environment, we keep our efforts and keep on innovating.
  • We always stand in our clients’ point of view and offer creative service and products.
  • We continue to improve management quality, keep management transparency, comply with regulations, and meet the needs of our employees and stockholders.

Code of conducts

  • We respect each of our creativity, brush up our technical and human skills, and keep on challenging.
  • We attend upcoming problems sincerely and solve them.
  • Each one of us get together by our exact will and strengthen our harmony, and overall, aim for the best result.
  • By having a sensible field of mind, we always have high standards and ethicality.

Company policy

Company policy

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