Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind.,Ltd.

Present new values to our clients.

Present new values to our clients.

Research & Development Center

Our experienced and skillful staffs speedily provide satisfied performance design of chemicals and evaluations for many business fields, such as electronics with evaluation equipment that can meet various needs.


Supplying production that can meet the manufacturing process for each client

Our company’s strength is to meet the needs of our clients by customizing products.
There are often chances of visit to our clients directly by our sales staffs and Research & Development engineers. The combination of our sales and research team creates the most preferable chemicals for each client.


Proposing new products for the next generation

By grasping the market and environmental changes speedily, we provide satisfied Research & Development. In accelerated change of market needs, we positively challenge ourselves to making new products even before we receive our clients’ needs.
Also, as we think it is essential to communicate and cooperate with other fields, we make our research positively by having joint research and joint development with our clients, universities, and research institutes.


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