Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind.,Ltd.

Three strengths of HPC Quality control

Strict management system for stable supply from raw material to a product.

Stable supply

Our products that are under stable supply are supported by quality control from consistent manufacturing process control and highly advanced analysis technology.


Achieving high purity and high cleanliness exclusive containers

To meet the needs of semiconductor and FPD miniaturization and high integration that involve less particle chemicals, Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd. provides packages such as clean bottles and containers to meet clients’ needs for overseas market.


ISO9001・ISO14001 license acquired

We have achieved the ISO9001 license, and under strict quality and standard control,
we maintain the process of development and production to aim for better quality, and focus on achieving the best performance and efficiency.
Also, we acquired the ISO14001 license, and aim for taking action concerning the influence to the environment.


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