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Privacy policy

1. Acquisition of client’s personal information

Our company will acquire personal information by legitimate, fair means.

2. Use of personal information

  • (1) Our company will use personal information within the notice or the use purpose that the person offering the information have announced beforehand.
  • (2) Our company will investigate trust fairly, and we choose so that the safety management of the personal data is planned when we entrust them with the handling of the personal data and perform necessary and appropriate supervision.

3. Offering personal data to the third party

Without obtaining the consent of the person giving the personal data unless established by law, we will not contribute it to the third party.

4. Personal data management

  • (1) Our company will establish the personal data in a range necessary for the achievement of the use purpose and keep the personal data accurate, and manage them safely.
  • (2) In order to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, and/or leakage of personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate security measures against improper electronic access.

5. Disclosing the possession of personal data

Each of our clients have the right to ask for disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, and deletion of their personal information. We will comply with your request regarding these rights according to the law without argument and delay.

6. Personal information protection regime

  • (1) Our company will apply the personal information protection regime- that we protect personal information appropriately and handle them, and make sure that the continuous review extends and improves them.
  • (2) Our company will educate our executives and employees in order to protect and properly manage personal information. We will train appropriate management methods so that our executives and employees can carry on the appropriate handling of personal information in our daily business routine.

Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd.

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